Too Bad, These 10 K-Pop Celebrities Career is in Danger of Being Destroyed by Scandal

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The Burning Sun nightclub controversy which led to the exposure of the practice of prostitution, the sale of narcotics, to the circulation of immoral videos has dragged a number of famous Korean celebrity names.

But beyond the Burning Sun scandal, there are still other scandals that tarnished the good names of several other male celebrities. In total up to September, there have been 10 celebrities with careers in danger of being destroyed by the scandal in 2019.


The Burning Sun controversy also spread to Seungri's agency, YG Entertainment. Yang Hyun Suk has been named a suspect of prostitution and has resigned as CEO.

As the Executive Director at Burning Sun, BIGBANG's Seungri is suspected of participating in the practice of prostitution, narcotics trafficking, and bribery of the police.

The investigation on Seungri's cellphone revealed that there was a chat group used to spread immoral videos, singer Jung Joon Young was charged as the ringleader.

Despite leaving YG Ent since last year, PSY participated as a witness in the interrogation of alleged prostitution carried out by Yang Hyun Suk.

Lee Jong Hyun is also a member of the chat group. After being involved in a controversy sending sensual messages to YouTuber, he decided to leave CNBLUE.

Proven to be involved in spreading immoral videos in group chats, FT Island leader Choi Jung Hoon was finally kicked out of the band.

Had been examined as a witness, soloist Roy Kim was named as a suspect in the distribution of immoral content made by Jung Joon Young.

Junhyung pleaded guilty to having watched a video made by Jung Joon Young and was willing to step down from HIGHLIGHT, but he denied joining the chat group.

Kangin's name is also referred to as a member of the Jung Joon Young chat group. He finally left Super Junior.

In the same boat with Roy Kim, soloist Eddy Kim was also confirmed as a member of the chat group who participated in spreading immoral content.


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