Soothing, Here Are 4 Movie Recommendations for Self-Healing

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The term self-healing is used to refer to the self-healing process of emotional wounds that disturb emotions. Inner wounds can take various forms, such as the stresses of life in the form of the death of a loved one, the departure of a person, failure to achieve one thing, anxiety about the future, and other painful things of the mind.

Some of the movies below teach us on how to face all problems and live life with a new perspective.


Little Forest Winter/Spring (2015)

The Japanese version of Little Forest is divided into two parts, each of which consists of two seasons. After watching the Summer / Autumn section, continue to the Winter / Spring section. Different from the Korean version, the Japanese version of Little Forest seems closer to everyday reality because it captures the moments when the character does a trial and error in cooking his food. Broadly speaking, this Little Forest can also help the audience to make peace with themselves.

Kedi (2016)

Kedi is a documentary about cats in Istanbul, Turkey. That said, Istanbul is incomplete without the presence of cats. This animal is in any part of the city. Some are resident pets, some live wild but are loved by everyone. There is a long history of cats coming to Istanbul, which will be known in the middle of the film.

Little Forest (2018)

The story of this film is very close to what is faced by the current millennial generation. Difficult to find work, stressed by work in the city, Hye Won finally decided to return home. In her hometown, Hye Won is living a slow-living lifestyle. She ate from food ingredients that he planted and picked herself. From there she began to make peace with herself and also the mother who had suddenly left her.

Our Little Sister (2015)

Slowly, the old wound reopened as the four sisters lived together. Just imagine, the child of the father's affair now lives with them. Both the stepsister, biological children, and the whole extended family have the potential to explode at any time. Uniquely, this family drama runs nicely without villain. Our Little Sister will make you think again, that everyone deserves to live a life.


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