Amazing, These 8 Actors Are Able to Play the American President “Very Real”

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Acting as a President, especially with a long historical background, is a very difficult challenge. Not all actors are able to carry out that role if they are not truly talented or at least study the President’s background in earnest. But in fact these 8 actors proved to be successful in playing the President in the history of the United States.


Josh Brolin in "W. (2008)"

This film was made when George W. Bush took office. Josh really was able to mimic the charming character of Bush and his confused face perfectly.

Fred Ward in "Farewell (2009)"

Fred Ward is arguably very similar to former 40th US President, Ronald Reagan. No wonder he is able to portray Reagan well.

Anthony Hopkins in "Nixon (1995)"

In this film Anthony Hopkins was nominated for an Oscar. How not, he was able to portray the character of Richard Nixon after the Watergate incident. In addition he was also able to mimic all the words "curse" typical of Nixon.

Donald Moffat in "The Right Stuff (1983)"

The British actor is considered successful in playing the 37th figure of US President Lyndon B. Johnson. Especially when Donald Moffat can mimic the Texas accent and the hard character Lyndon.

Bruce Greenwood in "Thirteen Days (2000)"

Senior actor Bruce Greenwod is arguably the most successful actor playing the role of US President. His appearance in the film Thirteen Days as John F. Kennedy earned praise from many parties.

Jon Voight in "Pearl Harbor (2001)"

Still remember the film Pearl Harbor? This 2002 Oscar-winning film could not be successful if it was not supported by veteran actors such as Jon Voight. His character was considered successful in imitating the 21st US President, Franklin D. Roosevelt

Henry Fonda in "Young Mr. Lincoln (1939)"

The film about Abraham Lincoln is considered the most accurate to date when compared to other similar films. Henry Fonda was able to bring the story of the life journey of the President who is best known in US history, Abraham Lincoln.


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