4 Prehistoric Movies Settings with Interesting Stories

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Ancient times or called prehistoric times is a time before humans knew the writings, which ranged from 3.3 million years ago to 5,300 years ago. At that time the Earth was still inhabited by ancient humans and various giant mammals, with a very unique shape. But there are also movies set in ancient times which certainly gives us a picture of the situation at that time.


10.000 BC (2008)

Tells the story of a member of the ancient Mammoth hunter tribe, named D'Leh and his wife Evolet who lived in the Ural Mountains. But one day Evolet was kidnapped by the cavalry and D'Leh had to find and save his wife.

Alpha (2018)

The film is set in the Upper Paleolithic around 20,000 years ago in Europe about a small ancient tribe. The story of this film is about a tribal chief's son named Keda who is separated from his group until finally befriended a wolf who would previously eat him.

AO The Last Hunter (2010)

AO The Last Hunter also includes films set in prehistoric times, precisely around 30,000 years ago. This French film is adapted from the story of the novel titled Ao, l'homme ancien by Marc Klapczynski. The story of this broadcast is about an ancient Naendhertal man who wandered south after, where he came from, the age of his entire family killed.

The Croods (2013)

The story of this film is about an ancient human family who had an adventure in the outside world to find a new place to live after their cave was destroyed, and of course with funny actions from the characters. This film has been screened since March 22, 2013, and is able to win positive comments from the audience. As well as getting a large profit from the airing and no less behind being able to enter the Academy Awards and Golden Globe nominations. The good news is that the Croods sequel will be launched in December 2020.


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