The Impossible Quiz

icon175x175The Impossible Quiz is a puzzle game where your mission is to find answers for the simple questions. When you open the game for the first time you realize that the questions are a bit unusual and it’s a bit difficult to answer the questions. Don’t be afraid that you can’t answer all questions at first try, because no one can. That’s why this quiz is called impossible. It is really easy to play impossible quiz – all you have to click the correct answer to move to the next one. Keep in mind that some of the answers may be hidden.

Other Versions Of The Game

=The Impossible Quiz 2=      =The Impossible Quiz 3=      =The Idiot Test=

The Impossible Quiz Answers    |   The Impossible Quiz 2 Answers is the homepage of the Impossible Quiz games. All versions of the game are available here for free so you can play them 24/7.  I am sure you will manage to answer the questions and succeed. Anyway, all answers are available at our website too.  Have fun.


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